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Learning Fun for Kids

Birth to 18 Months:

From Babbling to Words

Teaching babies to read

Fun for 2-10

Animated books, music, puzzles and games that teach young children to read and write.

little_book_only (1K) Books With Lesson Plans:
blu_button (1K) Ages 4 - 6
Do Not Open... Lesson Plans

little_book_only (1K) Books with Activities:
blu_button (1K) Ages  8 - 10 
 I Sail the Sea!... Jigsaw... Treasure Hunt!

little_book_only (1K) Learning Games and Puzzles:
blu_button (1K) Ages  2- 4

2. Count the Ballons... 3. Count for Fun
blu_button (1K) Ages  4 -  6
      Art Matching Game 1.... Game 2. ...Game 3.
blu_button (1K) Ages  6 -  8
      Find the Hidden Word
blu_button (1K) Ages  8 - 10
     Match Homonyms

Coloring Pages:

Free Coloring Page Fun



Wow - 2500 Coloring Pages to Print!

More Puzzles:

Two Fish Jigsaw Puzzle 

Two Fish Jigsaw Puzzle

Dolphin & Ball Jigsaw Puzzle

Dolphin & Ball Jigsaw Puzzle

Butterfly Jigsaw Puzzle
 Copperband Fish Jigsaw Puzzle

Copperband Fish Jigsaw Puzzle


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