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Shadow Cay's Dark Secrets

      The Thriller I Had To Write

The MDPD Crime Lab was inspiration for some parts. The book speaks to the challenges Forensic Professionals face every day.

It's a steamy suspense about murder, greed and corruption that takes place in the tropics between Miami and the Bahamas. 

I wrote Shadow Cay on our 34-foot sailboat surrounded by crystalline water, unspoiled white beaches and surreal sunsets. Here's a photo gallery of what seized my attention. And the show stopper was Normans Cay.

My research into its history led me to flash back two decades: A dramatic flying adventure, international intrigue, a forced crash landing, a brush with death, and a tropical island paradise with a seedy secret.


Chubb Cay - Berry Islands   The Southern Exumas - Land & Sea ParkAlice Town- Bimiini


 Wreck of the Sapona - Turtle RocksA Bahamian Sunset at Allens CayPrehistoric Iguana

 Our Special BeachHopetown Lighthouse












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