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SHADOW CAY Named Winner in the 2010 Premier Book Awards

In Recognition of Excellence in Independent Publishing

Shadow CaySeptember 16, 2010, PALM CITY, FL — The 2010 Premier Book Awards recently honored the best books in 13 categories. Named the 3rd Place winner in the Mystery/Thriller/Suspense/Horror category, Shadow Cay by Leona Bodie ($19.95, March, 2010) was highlighted for literary achievement.

SHADOW CAY -----Like a fine jig saw puzzle bringing forth a story that reels with adventure and intrigue, Shadow Cay delves into the motives and hearts of so many that dapple in the dark world of corruption. The forensics is a bonus, encompassing more than the cops, fingerprints, and DNA analyses found in most "whodunits." 

Shadow Cay was also recently endorsed by the President of the Florida Association of Forensic Professionals, and named a Royal Palm Literary Award finalist in the thriller/suspense category by the Florida Writers Association who will announce their top prizes October 23rd. The Premier Book Award recognized Shadow Cay as a must read, acknowledging it was most successful in achieving its purpose and meeting its intended audience's needs.

Premier Book Awards ™

Now in its third year, the Premier Book Awards recognize excellence in independent publishing and books of outstanding merit. Judged by a panel of book industry experts, these books have been scrutinized by individuals involved in the very markets in which the books are competing. The primary goal of Premier Book Awards is to recognize authors and publishers for superior achievements in their chosen genre. The secondary goal is to assure readers that a book chosen to receive a Premier Book Award is truly of outstanding and well worth adding to their libraries. Olson says, "We believe we have achieved both goals." Books are grouped by genre and are evaluated on editorial and design merit by a panel of judges. Both independent publishers and small presses competed for the coveted awards.

For more information, contact Leona DeRosa Bodie at WRB Books, (772) 380-4984. For a complete listing of finalists and to view the award winners in each of the 13 categories, check out the Premier Book Awards website at http://www.premierbookawards.com/. Shadow Cay is available at Amazon and your favorite local bookstores.

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