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This really is a fun book, and adults will have a great deal of fun reading this to little ones. The little ones will have fun, too. The text is warm, uplifting, and speaks to the joys of being one (they must be better than being 55). The book was given to me as a gift, and I plan to save it for the day when my own grandchildren are born. I'm sure we'll spend many pleasant hours reading and rereading ONE IS FUN. The beautiful and cheerful illustrations add to the overall goodness of this fun little book. 5.0 out of 5 stars Fun It Is!


- Mark R. Brewer, Author of Squire William's LuckyDay (Pitman, NJ USA)


"The idea of the book, a year in the life of Logan, is a charming one. The book tells of many of Logan's experiences. The reader might find this book an inspiration to discuss. All of the family could be included just as it is in this picture book. Many of a one-year-old's activities are faithfully depicted here: talking to himself in the crib, crawling, the first steps. The sturdy board book pages make it an excellent choice for a carry-a-long."
- Writer's Digest, the premier resource for the best information available for working writers, from the hottest markets to the coolest websites.

"One Is Fun depicts the importance of family from parents, aunts uncles to grandparents. The book provided many examples of the experiences that a child and his/her family might have. Plus, the book is solidly constructed and endured even through teething."

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"This is the story of Logan, who has just celebrated his first birthday, and all the things he is able to do. The illustrator exhibits a talent for producing for each page, simple, uncluttered pictures to which small children can relate. TheONE IS FUN text is done in rhyme, and, of course, that appeals to the poet in me! Bodie takes the reader through the daily life of this child, accentuating the positive side of learning. I especially appreciate the way she introduces members of the extended family, and their places in Logan's life.

I have a 2-year-old great-grandchild, and I have taken it upon myself to nurture in him a love for books and learning to read. He will soon receive this book as a gift from me, along with our reading it together. Thanks to the author and others involved for producing this book with those heavy, indestructible pages! I highly recommend this book for reading to the toddlers in your life."

- Roberta Page, Lebanon Daily Record, MO

We just received "One is Fun" - what an engaging book. My one year old son loved it! He immediately associated himself with the beautiful illustrations and was cueing and talking to them. Children will love to hear about Logan's adventures and special moments with his family members. Great social story for young children and kid's with special needs.

- Diane Renna, Author of Meghan's World

"One is Fun will capture the hearts of parents and the minds of toddlers as itONE IS FUN TEDDY BEAR explores the joyful activities that kids find delight in on a daily basis. Logan, the main character in this beautifully illustrated book is one years old, and seems to love interacting with his family, friends and environment. Quite naturally, kids will enjoy learning about all the exciting new tasks that Logan is now able to accomplish. This is ideal reading material for any parent hoping to spark an appreciation of life in his or her child. Indeed, Bodie's message that childhood is fun will not be easily forgotten."

 - Lynel Johnson Washington, Freelance Editor
"Bodie has done an exceptional job at renewing my love for interactive reading. "One Is Fun," is such a joy to read with my weekly tutoring group. The children find the rhymes entertaining and the pictures enthralling. I look forward to reading this lovely story with my children and grandchildren. I also might add that Bodie could be the modern day Dr. Seuss." 
- Laurel Ball, Miami FL 

ONE IS FUN"One Is Fun is a delightful little book! I have had many nights of reading this precious book to my daughter. The illustrations are beautifully done. I have also bought it for a baby shower gift."

- Sharon Harrison, WPLG/TV-10

 "This is just an adorable book. I got it for all of my nieces and nephews in Kentucky and they just love it. I would highly recommend this book to anyone with little children — it is just the cutest."

 - Chris Johnson, Miami FL 

"One is Fun is delightful! The author and the illustrator together have captured the essence of a toddler. Like many of Logan's exciting adventures, I recall with fondness the explorations with my own children and grandchildren. I can't wait now to share the book with my soon-to-be born great grandson."

- Diane O'Neill DesRochers, Author of A Matter of Time
"The concept of giving a child a special book, a first edition signed by the author, came to me years ago when our son was presented with such a fine choice for his first birthday. Recently while shopping for a christening gift, I discovered One is Fun. It's a joy to read. Different family members are shown enjoying their time with the precious youngster.
Whether playing games or watching the curious Little Logan discover the knobs and switches on a TV, the feeling of love and family values comes straight through in this excellent book. The rhyme of the story can be set to song, it's so infectious! A loving hand crafted each colorful illustration. This sturdy board book will withstand many days of story telling, even at the hands of someone small and teething. I highly recommend it for any occasion, whether special or just for fun for a little one."
- Mary M. Mitchell




Gorgeous book that everyone can relate to!
"I love this book.......I ordered 2. One is Fun is a book I think every child and adult will smile when they read it or when it is read. Its cheerful theme and positive family images are something I really appreciate. The book covers interactions with the parents, grandparents and friends. The book helps a child understand and find value in his or her daily life........it is adorable."
- Mavis Alderson, Charlotte, NC

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