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On the dark side...

One sweltering April night, a sailor anchors off the coast of Chub Cay, an island located thirty-five miles from Nassau. Close to midnight, two shadowy figures board his sailing vessel, and Claude becomes the hunted, trapped on his own boat.


Lurking in the shadows...

Fifty miles away—already reeling from a rash of similar maritime disasters that forever changes her life, Madeleine Nesbitt is destined for even darker days when she crosses Rico Salazar, a killer with no heart or conscience.


The scandal of the decade...

A hundred miles away, palm-fringed Miami with its gateway to Latin America offers two men in different businesses, two unlikely paths to fame and fortune. JaHart International, a highly acclaimed biotechnology company, creates state-of-the art pacemakers. The Salazar Network, based in the Bahamas, is the world's most profitable enterprise. These powerhouses are about to collide when Madeleine infiltrates Rico's terror nexus.




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Leona Bodie is a masterful storyteller, and I highly recommend her new thriller, SHADOW CAY. The MDPD Crime Lab was inspiration for some parts of her first novel. This book speaks to the challenges Forensic Professionals face every day especially in Dade County. SHADOW CAY is a steamy suspense about murder, drug cartel and local corruption taking place in the warm tropics between Miami and the Bahamas.

- Chere Reynolds, Criminalist II, MDPD and President of Florida    Association of Forensic Professionals

I absolutely loved SHADOW CAY. Just finished it a few minutes ago.....it's definitely a winner! Movie material? ABSOLUTELY! I was so enthralled with the book.....what a good read and what wonderful writing. I am so impressed with SHADOW CAY!

- Linda Quarles, Ocala FL

Twists and turns, combined with intrigue make this novel hard to put down. The author's thorough research and attention to detail creates a believable story and her characters are amazing; you either love them or hate them. Shadow Cay is definitely a good read.

- Diane O. DesRochers, Author of A Matter of Time and Sunflower

Intrigue, true to life characters, revenge and a simple love story all poured into a great novel - equals all the right ingredients for an academy award winning movie...mark my words. I loved the descriptions of the beautiful Florida waterways, scenic views, trees, the colors of the water and the coastal beauty - ranging from the high life in Miami to our beautiful Florida Key West and ending at the Great Bahama Bank. Ms. Bodie's portrait of the Columbian Drug Cartel would give anyone nightmares. Ruthless and relentless in their quest for cash fueled by pure greed, the "bad guys" were believable yet I felt the fright of the innocent people they antagonized. As in true life, the police were both good and on the take! I'm afraid to give too much away, so take my advice and buy this book before it runs out of print - then you will have to wait!

- Mary Mitchell, Stuart FL