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One Is Fun

         Read to them and touch their lives forever 

The Storybook That Teaches Family Values Through Positive Experience & Family Interaction

One Is Fun inspires babies 0-4, hooks them on reading, makes learning fun! Creative Child Magazine and education experts endorse this charming story of Logan's first year of life. Share the adventure. The sturdy board book pages makes it an excellent choice for a carry-a-long. It's a multiple award-winning, new children's picture book that helps you play a critical role in your children's literacy.  >More Info    >Buy Now

               A Sweet Story with A Great Message 

You don't have to be one to enjoy One Is Fun! If raising well-balanced children is important you, this book is kid-tested and endorsed by parents. It encourages a young child (0-4) to explore their world and find joy in daily family interactions. When you buy this book, you not only make a commitment to your baby's reading development, you give them a sweet story with a great message.

Imagine Great Things! Now create them. Give your child the gift that keeps on giving. With every reading moment, success grows! Children motivated to read find answers to their questions, and they will read for enjoyment. One Is Fun is that important first book, because it's your child's bridge to early reading so they discern what's relevant and meaningful. It's simply their head start.

 Children and adults of diverse backgrounds and ages influence Logan's life. It's a simple story that shows positive experiences, and helps kids understand the love of being a family. It encourages them to celebrate who they are and to enjoy family and friendship. You can read the book, and make it come alive, getting your child to tell what's beautiful in their world.

Since children learn through play, parents and grandparents can use this book to support the concept that learning is fun. This little book helps toddlers build social skills and find magical moments in daily activities. Parents can use this book to encourage a very young child to explore their world.

 One Is Fun - Buy Now 

                               Best Books 2007Summary: His little legs wobbly, his first steps unsure, baby Logan ventures out. Share the journey! Each day starting with his first birthday, he learns something new—more about himself and others  in the town by the bay. After reliving all the things he's done, Logan's convinced being one is fun. This book is a collection of a very young child's thoughts about discovery, love and acceptance. One Is Fun Front Cover

Types of Reading: Family, anytime, playtime reading, interactive, read aloud book. 

Age of Child: Read together: 0-4, read alone 4-8.

32 pages of vibrant watercolor pictures will have your child turning pages for Logan's next adventure, and the  rhythms of the gentle, lyrical text are reminders of toddlers' capabilities. 

Sturdy for little hands, this fun board book with its bright illustrations and rhyming words is sure to please infants and toddlers. Not only will your little ones love this sweet story, their older siblings will too. It's nice to have a picture book every one can enjoy. Inspired by life, this book is an excellent tool for learning, growing and venturing out.

Educational Themes: Children are exposed to immediate and extended family members in various indoor and outdoor settings. The natural habitats include animals, insects, fauna, birds and fish. There are pictures of animals that aren't directly part of the story; use them to expand your research and learning.