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  Can't Wait For the Next One!

Just finished SHADOW CAY...so hooked! You're superior in defining your characters...so much so, I can't wait to see what's next. I do hope Madeline and Peter, and yes, even Rico are a part of it.

- Cindi N Bob Curtin, Stuart, FL

   An Action Packed, Full of Adventure and Danger Thriller!

SHADOW CAY by Leona Bodie is a suspense/adventure thriller set in 1991 Bahamas and 1999 Florida. It is well written with depth, details, action packed, fast paced, twists and turns. It has big dreams, big money, adventure, suspense, deception, terrorists, vigilante, corruption, lies, maritime, disasters, amateur detective, love, murder, revenge, cartels, greed and a psychopath. The characters are believable, some are larger than life, some are just plain evil. If you enjoy an action packed thriller, roller coaster, with danger, disaster on every corner, full of adventure and suspense you will enjoy this one. 


- April A. Renn, Henderson, NC

  Get Ready For A Fast Ride

Get ready for the most exciting, fast-paced book you have read. The author has given readers everything they could want in one book- greed, crime, murder, love, hate, and cartels. Her ability to use vivid descriptions make readers feel as if they are right in the action. Once you start reading thisbook, I guarantee you won't be able to put it down!

- Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views 

  Revenge Has A Price And A Pace That Pounds... 

Evil lurks behind the beauty of lush tropical settings. The choices which characters make are shaped by the dramatic circumstances that confront them. Otherwise honorable people can be corrupted by a variety of forces. Innocence becomes a dispensible commodity and evening the score a powerful motivator. Shadow Cay is a riveting story steeped in powerful emotions against a backdrop of natural beauty and the pursuit of power, money, prestige and revenge. A fast paced, engaging thriller that is sure to please.

- Gayle H. Swift - Palm City, FL 

  Intense, Chilling, Entertaining Novel

Shadow Cay sets a strong pace from the start with riveting action and dialogue. The authors' use of dates and locations keeps the reader fromSHADOW CAY getting lost in the numerous twists and turns of the storyline. The character sketches provide a good sense of who the players are without long drawn-out descriptions which, in a lesser authors hand could slow the pace. The beautiful Bahamas background is in direct contrast to the frightening action taking place which adds to the gritty texture of the story.

If you enjoy a good thriller, Shadow Cay will provide that and more. Although readers pretty much know the good guys from the bad fairly early on, the story keeps one engaged to the very end with a number of surprises and thrilling scenes as the protagonists try to sort out the deep web of deceit before more people end up dead.

- Edie Dykeman, BellaOnline Mystery Editor 

    Suspense And Thrills

This is a novel that is full of suspense and thrills...I could never fully explain this storyline in a short review. It is deep and rich, flowing with many characters that all piece together like a fine jig saw puzzle bringing forth a story that reels with adventure and intrigue.

I feel this story actually touches upon the motives and hearts of so many that dapple in the dark world of corruption. It is one of evil, and those who are determined to fight it, even at the risk of losing their own lives. It is one of love, and one of hate, greed versus common good for man, the problem, which one will win. A real thriller, one that wraps around you and keeps you tied to the pages until the final curtain. Excellent writing, recommended.

- Shirley Johnson/Senior Reviewer, MidWest Book Review

    Suspense DrivenSHADOW CAY

Leona DeRosa Bodie is the author of suspense novel Shadow Cay, a novel focusing on a detective named Peter Duncan and a woman named Madeleine Nesbitt who is a vigilante.

Together they forged a team that is destined for dark days, investigating a man with little conscience behind the world's most profitable enterprise. Corruption. Deception. Lies.

When your next heartbeat might kill you, you live a life on the edge and in suspense and that is exactly where these two characters created by author Leona DeRosa Bodie live. Their story is captivating, their bravery unique and the story is full of twists and turns, which leave the reader wanting more while flipping through pages.

This was a fun, easy read for me and I enjoyed curling up in my bed with a cup of tea and this book. Filled with authentic details, dates and genuine dialogue, the author weaves a credible take and credible characters.

Recommended for anyone with a desire for suspense, mystery and a good read.

- Ami Blackwelder, Hot Gossip Hot Reviews & Author -The Hunted of 2060

   A Great Novel

Intrigue, true to life characters, revenge and a simple love story all pouredSHADOW CAY into a great novel - equals all the right ingredients for an academy award winning movie...mark my words. I loved the descriptions of the beautiful Florida waterways, scenic views, trees, the colors of the water and the coastal beauty - ranging from the high life in Miami to our beautiful Florida Key West and ending at the Great Bahama Bank.

Ms. Bodie's portrait of the Columbian Drug Cartel would give anyone nightmares. Ruthless and relentless in their quest for cash fueled by pure greed, the "bad guys" were believable yet I felt the fright of the innocent people they antagonized. As in true life, the police were both good and on the take! I'm afraid to give too much away, so take my advice and buy this book before it runs out of print - then you will have to wait!

- Mary Mitchell, Stuart FL

  Gripping Suspense


Shadow Cay is filled with dark secrets and gripping suspense. Leona Bodie clearly has intimate knowledge of the Bahamas and the profession of 'forensic science' that encompasses more than the cops, fingerprints, and DNA analyses found in most "whodunits." Every successful thriller needs both good villains and protagonists, and Bodie's suspenseful novel is a treat to read because of the way the author goes about delineating her characters. Leona Bodie is a fresh new talent in the much-plowed field of mystery books with something interesting and original to say. Shadow Cay is a 'can't put down' reading experience.

-Malcolm Mahr, Author of The Secret Diary of Marco Polo and Murder at Paradise Spa SHADOW CAY

  Steamy Suspense

Leona Bodie is a masterful storyteller, and I highly recommend her new thriller, SHADOW CAY. The MDPD Crime Lab was inspiration for some parts of her first novel. This book speaks to the challenges Forensic Professionals face every day especially in Dade County. SHADOW CAY is a steamy suspense about murder, drug cartel and local corruption taking place in the warm tropics between Miami and the Bahamas.

- Chere Reynolds, Criminalist II, MDPD and President of Florida Association of Forensic Professionals


I absolutely loved SHADOW CAY. Just finished it a few minutes ago.....it's definitely a winner! Movie material? ABSOLUTELY! I was so enthralled with the book.....what a good read and what wonderful writing. I am so impressed with SHADOW CAY!

- Linda Quarles, Ocala FL

    A Page Turner

The page turning action and suspense of what these men will do to keep the finances flowing in; and those who work to stop them will keep you on the edge of your chair!

- Jill Page, Book Reviewer for Frugal Plus, Roseville, CA

     Totally Unpredictable SHADOW CAY

Just finished Shadow Cay last night...What a ride!! Loved it! On the edge of my seat...totally unpredictable twists and turns. It's so set up for a good sequel.

 -  Cynthia Burkhardt, Ocala, FL


     Love it


Leona Bodie has written several children's books, but her latest is an adult fiction book, Shadow Cay. It is getting great reviews. I am currently reading it and love it. Hope some of you will order her book also.

- Cynthia Tross, Urbana IL 

   Exciting Read

Leona Bodie's Shadow Cay is a new thriller set in the tropics. SHADOW CAYThe author says, "It's very loosely based on an event from my own past, and it's a book I have been trying to write for more fifteen years. It also helps being married to a forensic specialist."

In Shadow Cay, when industry icons sell their souls, ethical employees become huge liabilities... One "casualty" survives to plot Rico Salazar's ruination, but no one's ever crossed Rico or his friends and lived to talk about it. How it all ends makes for an exciting read. The scientific basis for the novel is also an added bonus.

- Rashmi, Reviewer for A Bookworm Reads

I finished it last night! It was great. I just loved the characters, I really felt for them. Can't wait for the sequel!

- Ellen Feinman Sobczak, Fort Lauderdale, FL

   Great Crime Story! August 4, 2010


Shadow Cay is really a great crime novel, focusing on a drug cartel and a huge company that manufactures pacemakers and their connections. From the young girl on a boat that the drug runners destroy, to the veteran working for the mighty JaHart company and everyone in between, Leona really gets into each character's mind so you really feel you know them. You understand their disappointments, the greed, the lust for money, power and sex and just about everything in between. Madeleine Nesbitt is one of the strongest female characters I've seen in ages. Peter Duncan is the Quality Assurance Manager that learns quickly something is terribly wrong at JaHart. Shadow Cay really delivered...Leona Bodie is name to watch in crime novels.

- Andrea J. Guy, Charleroi, PA — Reviewer for A Chick Who Reads Blogspot

   Brings The Reader into Another PlaceSHADOW CAY

I am a big proponent of the saying don't judge a book by its cover. Leona Bodie's novel Shadow Cay proves me right. In this day and age of flash and sparkle, the pleasant, simple cover to the novel does not do justice to the action and suspense contained in its pages. I live in Pa., but any time I am able to slip away to Florida I do love to do it. I know this is just in the literary sense with the novel, but Bodie does such a nice descriptive job I felt like I was there. Please pass the SPF50, thank you.

Leona Bodie has already gotten several children's books under her belt and this debut effort into the suspense genre is worthy of the read. She is adept at her narratives and brings the reader into another place, making us feel comfortable with the surroundings. Her characters contain all the right elements to make them engendered to us, and I could really feel myself getting a good groove on the direction they were headed. The plotline is well executed and carried out and it left me wanting more at the end of the novel. I don't think one could ask for more in a work of fiction. Shadow Cay is a good discovery...give this a novel a try, put it in your Goodreads —to-read -list and enjoy it.

- Giovanni Gelati, Goodreads.com and Gelati's Scoop Blogspot

  Not For the SqueamishSHADOW CAY
There is no mystery here. Shadow Cay is a thriller and the subject is revenge. The plot details are intriguing and complex enough that you have an interesting read that will last you through the rest of your summer trips to the beach. The book is longer than your average thriller and the characters suffer a lot before all is resolved. There is no subtlety here. Ms. Bodie's graphic scene constructions and characterizations are raw and gutsy, but they are an integral part of the story, not just for shock value. I recommend the book with one important caveat: it's not for the squeamish...Ms. Bodie had done a good job; this novel is an entertaining read. Raw and gritty, but entertaining. Enjoy.

- Steve Moore, Reviewer for Book Pleasures

   Engrossing Thriller

Leona Bodie has written an exciting thriller, with believable characters in some heart-pounding situations. It's a real page turner, or in my case a button pusher, since I read it on my Kindle! The action is fast and the book was difficult to put down.

- John Cammalleri, Author of Protecting The Cittern SHADOW CAY

  Very Fast Paced Action

Shadow Cay by Leona Bodie was a very fast paced (action) book. It was very believable, especially in this day and age...This was a page turner.The action was steady enough to keep me non-stop turning the pages until I had finished it. Can't wait to recommend this to friends at school.

- Sandra Stiles, Reviewer for The Musings of a Book Addict

 Action and Adventure in the Caribbean! July 24, 2010

It was a beautiful setting, a beautiful island--but it was more than that, it was in the perfect location....Lovers of adventure will enjoy following the drugs, the money...and the fast-action hunt that highlights today's criminal world! Who will win in the deadly fight this time? Read Shadow Cay by Leona Bodie!

- Glenda Bixler, Reviewer for Book Reader's Heaven,  McClellandtown, PA 

   A Believable Story with Amazing Characters

Twists and turns, combined with intrigue make this novel hard to put down. The author's thorough research and attention to detail creates a believable story and her characters are amazing; you either love them or hate them. Shadow Cay is definitely a good read.

- Diane O. DesRochers, Author of A Matter of Time and Sunflower

  Would Make Excellent Movie
I don't usually read full out thrillers unless it's James Patterson. So, I might not have known what to expect. In saying this, I liked the book. The story was captivating. I did want it to get to the end, to see what was going to happen. I rooted for the bad guys to be taken down......It was a good thriller. I think this would make an excellent movie. Maybe we will get to see it on the big screen!

- Rebecca Wolfe, Beck's Book Picks Blog

  One Is Fun Title


This really is a fun book, and adults will have a great deal of fun reading this to little ones. The little ones will have fun, too. The text is warm, uplifting, and speaks to the joys of being one (they must be better than being 55). The book was given to me as a gift, and I plan to save it for the day when my own grandchildren are born. I'm sure we'll spend many pleasant hours reading and rereading ONE IS FUN. The beautiful and cheerful illustrations add to the overall goodness of this fun little book. 5.0 out of 5 stars Fun It Is!


- Mark R. Brewer, Author of Squire William's LuckyDay (Pitman, NJ USA)


"The idea of the book, a year in the life of Logan, is a charming one. The book tells of many of Logan's experiences. The reader might find this book an inspiration to discuss. All of the family could be included just as it is in this picture book. Many of a one-year-old's activities are faithfully depicted here: talking to himself in the crib, crawling, the first steps. The sturdy board book pages make it an excellent choice for a carry-a-long."
- Writer's Digest, the premier resource for the best information available for working writers, from the hottest markets to the coolest websites.

"One Is Fun depicts the importance of family from parents, aunts uncles to grandparents. The book provided many examples of the experiences that a child and his/her family might have. Plus, the book is solidly constructed and endured even through teething."

iParenting Media Awards

"This is the story of Logan, who has just celebrated his first birthday, and all the things he is able to do. The illustrator exhibits a talent for producing for each page, simple, uncluttered pictures to which small children can relate. The text is done in rhyme, and, of course, that appeals to the poet in me! Bodie takes the reader through the daily life of this child, accentuating the positive side of learning. I especially appreciate the way she introduces members of the extended family, and their places in Logan's life.

I have a 2-year-old great-grandchild, and I have taken it upon myself to nurture in him a love for books and learning to read. He will soon receive this book as a gift from me, along with our reading it together. Thanks to the author and others involved for producing this book with those heavy, indestructible pages! I highly recommend this book for reading to the toddlers in your life."

- Roberta Page, Lebanon Daily Record, MO

We just received "One is Fun" - what an engaging book. My one year old son loved it! He immediately associated himself with the beautiful illustrations and was cueing and talking to them. Children will love to hear about Logan's adventures and special moments with his family members. Great social story for young children and kid's with special needs.

- Diane Renna, Author of Meghan's World

"One is Fun will capture the hearts of parents and the minds of toddlers as it explores the joyful activities that kids find delight in on a daily basis. Logan, the main character in this beautifully illustrated book is one years old, and seems to love interacting with his family, friends and environment. Quite naturally, kids will enjoy learning about all the exciting new tasks that Logan is now able to accomplish. This is ideal reading material for any parent hoping to spark an appreciation of life in his or her child. Indeed, Bodie's message that childhood is fun will not be easily forgotten."

 - Lynel Johnson Washington, Freelance Editor
"Bodie has done an exceptional job at renewing my love for interactive reading. "One Is Fun," is such a joy to read with my weekly tutoring group. The children find the rhymes entertaining and the pictures enthralling. I look forward to reading this lovely story with my children and grandchildren. I also might add that Bodie could be the modern day Dr. Seuss." 
- Laurel Ball

One Is Fun Front Cover

"One Is Fun is a delightful little book! I have had many nights of reading this precious book to my daughter. The illustrations are beautifully done. I have also bought it for a baby shower gift."

- Sharon Harrison, WPLG/TV-10

 "This is just an adorable book. I got it for all of my nieces and nephews in Kentucky and they just love it. I would highly recommend this book to anyone with little children — it is just the cutest."

 - Chris Johnson 

"One is Fun is delightful! The author and the illustrator together have captured the essence of a toddler. Like many of Logan's exciting adventures, I recall with fondness the explorations with my own children and grandchildren. I can't wait now to share the book with my soon-to-be born great grandson."

- Diane O'Neill DesRochers, Author of A Matter of Time
"The concept of giving a child a special book, a first edition signed by the author, came to me years ago when our son was presented with such a fine choice for his first birthday. Recently while shopping for a christening gift, I discovered One is Fun. It's a joy to read. Different family members are shown enjoying their time with the precious youngster.
Whether playing games or watching the curious Little Logan discover the knobs and switches on a TV, the feeling of love and family values comes straight through in this excellent book. The rhyme of the story can be set to song, it's so infectious! A loving hand crafted each colorful illustration. This sturdy board book will withstand many days of story telling, even at the hands of someone small and teething. I highly recommend it for any occasion, whether special or just for fun for a little one."
- Mary M. Mitchell




Gorgeous book that everyone can relate to!
"I love this book.......I ordered 2. One is Fun is a book I think every child and adult will smile when they read it or when it is read. Its cheerful theme and positive family images are something I really appreciate. The book covers interactions with the parents, grandparents and friends. The book helps a child understand and find value in his or her daily life........it is adorable."
- Mavis Alderson, Charlotte, NC