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Dear Bookseller,

Thanks for your interest in carrying WRB Books in your stores. Virtually every bookseller I've ever spoken to promotes early language development awareness, emphasizing the strong child literacy (and parenting) community their bookstores support, making our titles an especially good bet. Discount to wholesalers: 50-55%. For more information on the book - including cover artwork, sample pages, Testimonials, FAQs, press releases, author info and more - visit the Media link. Thanks again. I sincerely appreciate your partnership.

All the best,

Leona DeRosa Bodie


To qualify for bookseller terms, "Ship to:" address must be to currently operating bookstore. Place orders in one of the following four ways:

1) Phone: 1-772-380-4984

2) Fax: 1-267-220-1541

3) E-mail: leona@leonabodie.com

Questions? E-mail: Leona@leonabodie.com Phone: (772) 380-4984